beer V2.0
compiling 2017 in Kingston, ON


"hello world. {Brewing}" will soon be the newest craft brewery in the Kingston downtown core. Currently in the development and planning phase, hello world's goal is to introduce Kingston to a world of beer it has yet to discover.
Combining a comfortable, clean and relaxed drinking atmosphere with the future/retro beauty of computer programming, hello world will be one of the most unique drinking-scenes in Kingston.

Not a restaurant or a brewpub - we are a brewery whose sole focus is on the beer. We will brew a wide variety of beer styles for Kingston to discover. Our small brewhouse and 8+ fermenters will allow us to have an ever changing beer menu for customers to choose from. We plan on teaming up with other breweries to always have new and interesting visitor beers on a few of our 16+ taps.
Our retail store/growler bar will give you the chance to take your favorite beer home with you. If we made it in house, and it’s available on tap, you can take some home!


Since we wanted to keep our focus on making great new beers, we will not have a restaurant in house. We plan on teaming up with some of the many local bakeries/meat shops for providing customers with delicious local snacks. Giant pretzels, pepperette sticks, local cheese etc. will be available.

Want to bring your own food? Order delivery to our restaurant? No problem! Check out our ‘black book’ of popular restaurants close by that will be happy to deliver right to your table!



Adam and Greg have been best friends since they could remember. Both grew up in Sarnia Ontario, but their lives quickly shifted to Kingston when both Greg and Adam's girlfriend (now wife) moved to Kingston to study at Queen's University. After falling in love with the city and area, both Greg and Adam had to depart for typical "careers".
It all changed however on a trip to Vancouver. Greg had organized a grueling "tap-room crawl". By the fourth tap-room, the idea of owning a craft brewery became pretty enticing. After five more craft breweries, both Greg and Adam were convinced it was a great idea to own a nanobrewery in Kingston; the home of some of their best nights of drinking.
Once back in Kingston from Vancouver, Greg and Adam were seeking another member to add to the gang. Since they already had Greg, the brains, and Adam, the wildcard, they knew they needed another member of the team. The muscle. Enter Shan. The three of them have been working non-stop to turn this idea into a reality.
They are currently seeking the final member of the gang, the looks (a head brewer).

More to come…

events & charity


Our event listings will be updated regularly as they come up. To keep you up to date with our new beers, event listings, etc. either follow us on social media or check this website. We’ve got some really cool ideas for events, so keep an eye!


At hello world, we believe in giving back. We have yet to partner with a local charity in the Kingston area, but are looking for an opportunity to do so.
If you are local charity and wish to partner up, contact us at using the form in the "contact" section.
We also wish host monthly charity nights where a portion of our profits will be donated to the “against malaria foundation” which will provide malaria nets to children and adults in Malawi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and in Ghana. This greatly reduces child mortality and malaria cases, and estimates that for every $3000 given, you are directly saving a life. We hope to save many lives throughout the lifetime of our brewery.

hello world? wtf.

Our company name, hello world. {brewing}, is based off arguably the most popular and simple computer program: "Hello, world!" This is a basic program and is constantly used in school and industry as a proof of concept. Every computer language we ever learned started with the "Hello, world!" example and it seems right that our first business in Kingston does too!

hello world example:

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